Links to some of my favourite contacts

Adrian Marchio - Not just because he is my brother but because he is an absolutely inspirational artist, check out his incredible airbrush work.

Johanna Peirce - Sensational make up artist, great at coming up with creative ideas and always fun to work with.

Brent Pearson - Incredible photographer with a true passion for his art and great at sharing information with others. Brent's seascape courses are highly recommended.

Michelle Playoust - My partner in crime in shooting weddings. Michelle has a real knack for capturing people (I used her to shoot my own wedding after all).

Kajo Merkert - Great landscape photographer and also shares his substantial knowledge with his photography courses.

Discount Digital Photography - Where I have sourced a lot of gear over the years, now co-owned by one of my photography mates (Andrew Code).
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